Environmental Commitment


In our commitment to environmental protection, Crimidesa was, in 1996, the first mining company in Spain to obtain the 14001 environmental certification. Ever since then, one of our main priorities has been to foster a culture of respect to the environment among our employees, which has led to:

  • Over 40% reduction of CO2 per tonne of anhydrous sodium sulphate (SSA) produced, over the last 15 years.
  • Total elimination of any water spillage per tonne of SSA produced.
  • An 80% reduction of water used per tonne of SSA produced.
CO2 absorption project

Part of our environmental protection policy meant we had to do our bit in containing CO2 levels. To that end, in 2010, we started a tree recovery programme, planting over 5,000 Holm Oaks*.

*Holm Oaks – or Encinas – are the small oak trees which abound much of the Spanish countryside whose acorns are the staple of the world famous, acorn-fed black Iberian pig.